And God created great whales

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Echo reporter Kate Habrel took a close look at the confluence of science and the arts for her final semester of study at the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism.

The Michigan State University center is the publisher of Great Lakes Echo.

Her goal was to learn how people communicate scientific topics in creative ways.

Right-brained versus left-brained. Logical versus emotional. Science versus art. Sometimes it seems like science and the arts are so separate, interaction between the disciplines is impossible.

But it isn’t. And when it does happen, it makes a big impact.

The result of this master’s project is a three-video series called The Art of Science Communication. Each video showcases a different creative work, featuring interviews with designers and performers.

This first episode dives into And God Created Great Whales, an orchestral song featuring four unusual co-stars. Members of the MSU Concert Orchestra describe the impact the piece had on them and the environmental history behind its composition.

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