Ninth day of invasive species Christmas: Nine eggs in resting

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Echo once again is running the Wisconsin Sea Grant version of the popular 12 days of Christmas carol. Produced by outreach specialist Tim Campbell in 2011, it brings 12 days of holiday invasive species cheer.

Things may have changed since then so feel free to update the song in the comments.

Today: Nine eggs in resting

The spiny waterflea and the fishhook waterflea produce tiny resting eggs that can survive as much as 12 hours after the mature waterflea has perished.

Spiny Waterflea. Image: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Spiny Waterflea. Image: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The resting eggs can also survive extreme environmental conditions, so it is imperative to make sure that recreational equipment is cleaned to prevent spreading these invasive crustaceans. Unfortunately, they’re distributed across all of the Great Lakes and a few inland lakes.



3 thoughts on “Ninth day of invasive species Christmas: Nine eggs in resting

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  2. Hitch a ride on recreational equipment? I took a group of them to lunch the other day and ordered them grape leaves and spinach. They wouldn’t have it. They all hung their spines in the air and stared the waiter down until he took it away and then proceeded to demand perch. When the perch arrived, they got downright rude. I took my perch to another table as they began plotting with the shrimp saying, “wait until 12th invasive species gets here, I can’t wait to see this… All that’ll be left is nutrients.” The perch told me I’d better go hang out outside by the barrier. I hung out by the barrier for about 2 minutes when the perch came running out, yelling “get in the car!” We made our way back to the lakefront to hang out until things quieted down. To this day, I will not go back to that restaurant unless it is almost empty.

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