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If nature spoke, what would it say?

Wisconsin native, Pen Augustin studied Lake Michigan and its surroundings to answer this question. Her book, “Waves of Light: Messages From Nature To Heal Our Planet,” recounts the yearlong journey.

Augustin gives voices to bodies of water, animals and insects and the moon. And she explains how nature has healed her.

“There is a consciousness within all of life and there are messages,” Augustin said. “They (nature and wildlife) love us as we love them and we can communicate with each other. Different parts of nature would connect with me and I would write messages along with my concerns about the environment from a healing and environmental perspective.”

The messages from nature in Augustin’s book are positive. They convey that it is not too late for humans to take care of the environment, she said.

Book author, Pen Augustin.

Book author, Pen Augustin.

“Because I’m very concerned with healing the planet, I’m also a believer that we as humans need to be its caretakers,”Augustin said. “This is a story about healing on many levels: Healing the human mind so they can take the actions they need to help the environment and also on a spiritual level that we are all connected.”

Augustin’s journey started in January 2014.

“The polar vortex left us with many months of cold weather but it was so beautiful and I would just admire Lake Michigan,” she said. Augustin started to develop a relationship with the lake while doing holistic healing exercises in nature, she said.

“I was also listening to her messages and her concerns for the environment. I started writing things down, and as the months went on, different parts of nature drew my attention

Each part of nature that she wrote about would not leave her until she had formed a connection with it and written what she needed to write, Agustin said.

Her connection to Lake Michigan was the strongest, she said.

“Water sustains us,” Augustin said. “Without it, none of life would exist. One of the first connections I had with the lake was to write about what she would call her babies, meaning us and all the life she sustains.”

Augustin said another book in the next couple years is possible.

“I want to keep connecting with nature and getting in tune with it,” she said. “I’ve created a blog and in it I am going to continue with more stories of nature.”

Augustin is the founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health, a service that offers courses, retreats and counseling to teach patients how to keep the mind, body and spirit in balance. She has a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Milwaukee and completed advanced hypnotherapy training at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, Washington.

“I’ve been in both western medicine as a nurse and in eastern medicine and I think that the most powerful healing experience that we can have is to take a walk in beautiful nature and just unplug from all of our stress to become very quiet and use our five senses to connect,” Augustin said.

“Waves of Light” can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press.

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  1. Congrats on your book, Penny! I look forward to reading it. Your topic of listening to nature overlaps with my book; in the editing process. My upcoming book relates to nature–including the fairy realm– to heal from childhood sexual abuse.

    I invite you to share your blog link and book in the Sacred Chat on my site (and FB Page) if you’d like. Blessings to all you do!

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