Echo’s NHL Eco Cup: Minnesota trounces Chicago in first round action

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Sustainable hardware. Image: Eamon Devlin

Sustainable hardware. Image: Eamon Devlin

By Eamon Devlin

These teams faced each other in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs when Chicago swept Minnesota.

But the Eco Cup is a different story.  Here the Minnesota Wild beat the Chicago Blackhawks soundly and will move on to the next round to play the winner of Ottawa/Montreal. Here’s a recap of that match and of the readers’ poll that helped give Minnesota the edge.

Tournament background.

Next up are the Detroit Redwings and Pittsburgh Penguins. The breakdown is below and you can advocate a winner in the comments or vote for one in the poll below. A winner will be declared Wednesday.

Detroit Redwings

Twenty-four consecutive playoff appearances is incredible, but will Detroit’s luck be different in the Eco-Cup? The Wings have a recycling program for items discarded in the locker room. That includes sticks, skates, laces, visors, and t-shirts. The Detroit Redwings have also been reaching out and donating to Detroit communities. In 2013 they upgraded Detroit’s Clark Park outdoor arena, replacing older systems and Zamboni with newer models, and improved the recycling program, the National Hockey League reported.

With a new arena being built, hopefully the Wings will be able to increase their sustainability.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Real penguins need water to live, and thanks to this team there will be more of it around. Pittsburgh’s home arena was the first to become certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED certified. This is largely because of its 40 percent reduction in water consumption, the Green Building Alliance reported.

Who Wins this “faceoff?”

Detroit Redwings
Pittsburgh Penguins

Poll Maker

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