Great Lakes Month in Review: Algae blooms and Gov. Snyder’s record

At the end of each month Current State  check in with Great Lakes commentator and journalist Gary Wilson for updates on environmental stories from around the basin. Today’s Great Lakes Month in Review,  focuses on Governor Snyder’s environmental efforts and algae blooms. Wilson reports that  Gov. Snyder was on the sidelines for the first three years, but is  concentrating more on the Great Lakes this year. However Wilson says its perplexing and frustrating that Snyder has not addressed the Army Corp study on Asian Carp.

Current State logoGreat Lakes Month in Review: Algae blooms and Gov. Snyder’s record by Great Lakes Echo

  • Sandy

    Michigan has done little to nothing to help with the algal blooms in Lake Erie even though it is Michigan that has the bulk of Lake Erie headwaters. The Detroit River – really a straight – has three ‘streams’. The center high velocity stream from Lake Huron is wonderful for Lake Erie. But the Michigan stream that hugs the riverbank and comes into Lake Erie’s west shore to Monroe has Detroit’s wastewater plant phosphorus load which is 5% of Lake Erie’s total phosphorus and 13% of the Lake Erie’s total dissolve reactive phosphorus in high concentrations coming into Lake Erie and creating algae. In addition there are massive sewage overflows and storm water runoff from a massive urban area
    Michigan needs to declare its Lake Erie waters impaired and ask USEPA for a western/central Lake Erie basin TMDL.