Michigan officials plan for new park around Capitol

courtesy of Bob Johnson

Image: Courtesy of Bob Johnson

Lansing, Mich. and Madison, Wis. are two of three capital cities that will receive Green Design Assistance from the EPA. The city of Lansing plans to develop a park on the state capitol complex under the Greening America’s Capitals program.

The plan is to transform the 14-acre parking lot between the Hall of Justice and the state capitol into a public greenspace. Bob Johnson, the Lansing Director of Planning and Neighborhood Development, says he originally found the Capitol Park Plan on a bookshelf in 2006, but did not investigate it until months later. It is a state plan, but the EPA runs the program and provides technical assistance.

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One thought on “Michigan officials plan for new park around Capitol

  1. Transforming the 14-acre parking lot into green space when there is a need for more additional parking is dumb.

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