Little Things, Big Problems: Emerald Ash Borer

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Last year, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative began producing a series of educational videos about invasive species in the Great Lakes with the National Park Service. New videos have been recently uploaded, and you can watch the entire “Little Things, Big Problems” series here on Echo.

This video discusses how the emerald ash borer is killing Great Lakes trees and harming the lumber industry.

One thought on “Little Things, Big Problems: Emerald Ash Borer

  1. Although Emerald Ash Borer is transported by humans in firewood, it is foolish to believe that an adult beetle can only travel 1/2 mile during its lifetime. Earlier reports claimed that a beetle could only fly 1/4 mile, so if there was a 1/4 mile gap between trees they would be safe. We quickly learned how dumb that assertion was. Same with the 1/2 mile claim. One-half mile to a flying insect, especially in wind currents, is nothing. And what’s to stop it from flying a second or third time? The truth is: we have no idea how far an adult Emerald Ash Borer can travel.

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