Goosinator terminates E. coli

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The Goosinator. Photo: Dave Colton.

The Goosinator. Photo: Dave Colton.

The developers of a remote-controlled, geese-scaring device called the Goosinator say it controls health-threatening E. coli bacteria deposited by geese droppings.

Geese and seagull droppings contribute to beach and park closings, said Dave Colton, the Goosinator’s director of sales. Company officials say their product helps keep areas fowl free.

Its bright orange color and glaring teeth scare the geese, according to the product website. And a separate, stationary Goosinator acts like a scarecrow to make sure they don’t return, Colton said.

Unlike many remote-controlled devices, the Goosinator operates as far as it is visible, covering water, ice, sandy and grassy surfaces, Colton said.

Dogs are sometimes used to chase geese, but there are some places dogs can’t go.

“If these geese see dogs, they’ll get up and fly 600-700 yards out on Lake Michigan and sit and wait for the dogs to leave,” Colton said. “The Goosinator can get right out amongst them.”

The Goosinator is manufactured in Plymouth, Wis.


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