Current State: Great Lakes dredging


Lake Michigan and Lake Huron hit record low water levels this month. The receding water causes environmental and economic problems in the Great Lakes Basin.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has proposed a $21 million plan to dredge harbors. Patrick Doran, director of conservation for the Michigan Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and Jon Allan, director of the Office of the Great Lakes, discuss dredging and the future of the Great Lakes’ water levels.

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One thought on “Current State: Great Lakes dredging

  1. Gov Snyder’s $21M dollar number is still not confirmed where the monies will finally come from at signing. There is plenty of money in the rainy day fund for $30M to more fully cover the dredging needs, exactly as what that fund was designed for. However, the Republican corruption Sen Geoff Hansen, Hart, and his Lansing cohorts are still working to steal the funding from the ‘public trust’ protected NRTF. Fortunately, there are a few moderate Republicans actually trying to clear their names from Hansen’s corruption hold and support the rainy day funding for the dredging. Unfortunately, Gov Snyder has proven he cannot be trusted to be honest. Stay tuned to see which funding Gov Snyder will eventually support.

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