6 thoughts on “Human “oil spill” protests pipeline expansion

  1. Thank you for your work. I read that Enbridge met with the Anglers and installed a shut off valve to protect the River. Thats great, but all our rivers need to be protected. The shut off valve belongs in Canada… We need to end all Extreme Energy Production… Tar Sands, Mt. Top Removal, Fracking, Nuclear… All dumb ways of feeding dollars to slick snake oil salesmen (Energy Barons).. It is time for a real, safe clean, renewable energy revolution. We just might save Democracy, stop climate change, create stability, and create an environment of hope for Children around the Earth.

  2. WHAT!!!??? NO SPILL RESPONSE PLAN???!!! Are we going to allow this corporation to devastate our lives and economy and externalize the costs onto US YET AGAIN???

  3. So 50 activists protest at the state capitol against a multi-billion dollar Canadian corporation. The state capitol controlled by the Repuglican Party. Talk about a snowball’s chance in hell.

    Enbridge will make promises and extend assurances, except they knew about the cracked pipe for 5 years before it blew out.

    Sound familiar? It’s dejavu, all over again.

  4. This is a very nicely done video of the Human Oil Spill at the Michigan State Capitol Building yesterday in downtown Lansing. I was there, and can attest to the strong opposition of the expansion of any tar sands crude oil pipelines across our wonderful state, that was expressed by those present. The Michigan Public Service Commission must halt any current expansion, and then require environmental impact analysis of the entire project. Not just the expansion itself, but analysis of what could happen if another break in the lines occurs. Then they must require that Enbridge, or any other oil company, take additional steps to protect our precious pure Michigan water, air, land, and communities. They must make appropriate and swift emergency response plans, and test them within communities – just like they have agreed to and have done on the Au Sable River. If it’s good enough for the Au Sable, it’s good enough for the rest of Michigan. Thank you, NWF, for helping spread this information!

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