Twelve days of aquatic invasive species

Tim Campbell at the Wisconsin Sea Grant has found a way to bring the Great Lakes to your holiday celebrations. Sit around the fireplace and sing The Twelve Days of Aquatic Invasive Species Christmas with all your lake-lovin’ friends and family.


Gobies gobble on the eleventh day of Aquatic Invasive Species Christmas. Photo: Kristen Stanford, Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory (flickr)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, a freighter sent to me

Twelve quaggas clogging

‘Leven gobies gobbling

Ten alewives croaking

Nine eggs in resting

Eight shrimp a’swarming

Seven carp and counting

Six lamprey leaping

Five boat-wash stations!

Four perch on ice

Three clean boat steps

Two red swamp crayfish

And a carp barrier in the city!

Check out the full version for details on each aquatic invasive.

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