PODCAST: Winter two-wheeled commutes


Harold Beer is entering his second year of cycling through the winter. Photo: WKAR/Michigan State University

During cold Michigan winters some cyclists continue to brave the frosty and icy weather. Bike commuting during this season is good for the environment and the pocketbook. But the practice is not for the faint of heart.

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Tim Potter, manager of Michigan State University’s Bike Service Center, bikes from a commuter lot during the winter. Photo: Provided by Tim Potter


Michigan State University Bikes Winter Cycling Resource page

Bike Winter

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10 thoughts on “PODCAST: Winter two-wheeled commutes

  1. Winter riding with the right gear has provided some of my most favorable memories. Riding without- well . . . The side roads that that haven’t been plowed and the cars have packed down the snow – I generally find safer and are less likely to have “black ice”.

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  3. Very nicely done, Alice, Harold, and Tim! I ride in the Michigan winter as well. I enjoy it the most when the weather is the worst. In some conditions it seems to me I get through it better than people in cars. I love when I see the sun come through in the morning on the way to work, only partially blocked by the thick vapor clouds from my breath.

    I seem to get more respect from people in cars in the winter than in the summer. I rarely have problems with the cars, but I stick to the roads. They see me, and they know what I am up to.

  4. Great show, Alice! Well done indeed. Makes me want to dust off my bike and barrel down the hill! As an aside: It is important to realize that biking on side walks – as Mr. Potter points out – is not only unsafe but also illegal. Here in Oregon, we have the luxury of being able to ride – almost anywhere – in bike lanes. So, no excuses, Oregonians! Don your raincoats and, let’s ride!

  5. Well done Alice. Harold made some excellent observations for winter cycling, although I’d like to comment on the part about him getting hit while riding on the sidewalk. While it wasn’t said, I hope listeners will come to the right conclusion that sidewalk riding is not safe (especially against traffic) and stick to riding in the road with traffic.

    As long as you’re well lit with strong front and rear flashing lights (reflectors are just the bare minimum legal requirement) and wearing bright colors (I wear a safety vest — no batteries required), cyclists get a lot more respect as road users and are also easier seen and avoided by motorists who are too often distracted and looking for vehicles in the roadway coming from the direction of motor vehicle traffic.

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