Our favorite reader comments of 2010

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Graphic: John Kalmar

Annually the Echo staff collects our favorite comments of the previous year.

For the next three days we will publish a sample of the reader reactions that our reporters enjoyed in 2010. Here’s the start:

Story: Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs Features Great Lakes invasive species.

FishFondler said: It was going good for me until 3 or 4 minutes in when Fish & Wildlife Lamprey 9Mike Tuohy) guy I.D.’d a lake whitefish as “a trout” :/ whisky tango foxtrot?

Story: State and hunting preserves squabble over source of Michigan’s destructive wild pigs

Note: The photo that went along with this story was from NASA.

LF said: Nasa took this photo? Are they working for Nasa now too? We are in big trouble.

Echo reporter Jeff Gillies replied: The pigs were apparently on their daily foraging rounds through the Kennedy Press site in the Launch Complex 39 Area. Or they’re gearing up for a revival of PIGS IN SPACE:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFvZtROeJrE

Story: Michigan manufacturers look to wind energy for economic turnaround

Larry said: My entire 25yr career has been in the Michigan Manufacturing segment.The automotive business has been progressive in automation. Improving the overall quality of vehicles, as the customers demanded more in quality and reliability. Unfortunately for some, we’ve seen firsthand the elimination of jobs in the unskilled labor segment because of automation. Automation vs human? When you analye the wind turbine segment, efficiency, quality and reliability are right there. The only way we can compete is with automation and highly skilled workers. I don’t see any place for unskilled labor. The energy economy is in our house (Michigan). It is happening and I couldn’t be happier and excited.

Story: Monday Mashup: The Michigan hand map

Note: This was a Monday Mashup where we featured the way in which all Michiganders use their hand as a map to show others where they live in the state.

Cindy said:I like to extend my little finger a bit to illustrate the location of the Leelanau peninsula.

And Mary said: This is always fun to do to people when we go to conventions out of state and meet someone, say, from Nebraska. When they ask where I live in Michigan, I point to my hand and show them, they look at me like I owe them more of an explanation or I’m nuts or something till they realize oh yeah, Michigan mitten, and of course this opens up the conversation to where they have relatives or whatever. I love it and I am a MI  native that was born, raised, and still resides on the “Sunrise Side,” between the 2nd and 3rd knuckle.

Story: They’re heeeeere!!! Carp breach electrical barrier at Chicago; 20-pounder found six miles from Lake Michigan.

EMiller said: Carp recipes, please.

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