Special Report: Salvaging Insolvency

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A big mess at the GM Lansing Craft Centre

When an industrial giant like General Motors goes bankrupt, who pays to clean up its toxic legacy?

Jan. 19, 2010
GM bankruptcy could shortchange pollution cleanups: The money set aside to clean up pollution at 120 sites a bankrupt General Motors left across the country may be enough to address the sites in only two states, according to court records.

Jan. 20, 2010
Sites GM helped pollute no longer get cleanup dollars from the bankrupt automaker: The bankrupt shell of General Motors could dodge environmental cleanup costs for dozens of properties that the automaker polluted but doesn’t own.

Jan. 21, 2010
A tale of three cities: Winners of the GM cleanup lotto are more like survivors: Before it leaves, Motors Liquidation or GM must account for decades of pollution at former factories and waste sites.

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