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Echo’s quiz matching you with a Great Lake went so well that we’re developing another. The twist:

It’s about Great Lakes invasive species, a group that few people ascribe characteristics with which they associate themselves. So we’re trying another tack:

Which Great Lakes invasive species is your former significant other?

There is some low-hanging fruit – people who continue to cling to their exes like zebra mussels or suck the life out of them like sea lampreys.

But you’re more creative than that.  And maybe there are some positive characteristics of invasive species that you want to highlight in reference to your previous romantic interest.

The ideal quiz is as educational as it is funny – afterall, Echo is a journalistic endeavor that hopes to inform. Help us out in the comment section below. Once we get enough suggestions, we’ll cobble them together and give you a heads up.

Then you can take the quiz and forward the results to whomever you deem appropriate.

Just remember that in return you may get an assessment of yourself.

5 thoughts on “New Great Lakes quiz

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  3. House Sparrow – aggressive, walks over other people to get their own way (kills other birds and their young and takes over their nests), determined (will nest anywhere…even where means are taken to prevent them)

    Purple loosestrife – nice to look at (beautiful purple flowers), needy or a money drain (difficult or expensive to get rid of), jealous – forces you to eliminate your normal social schedule to spend time with them or drop friendships (disrupts water flow and decreases biological diversity)

    Spotted knapweed – a loner with a toxic personality – sucks the fun and energy out of life (poor palatability for herbivores and takes up all the water in the area, possibly releases a toxin that kills other plants), likes chaos and disorder (colonizes disturbed locations)

  4. My ex is definitely an Asian carp. He’s huge, gross-looking, and he frequently pops up when I least expect him too. I wish there was an electric fence to keep him away from Michigan.

  5. Is your ex: As bug-eyed as a round goby?
    Did your ex give you a disease, like the foreign mussels that trigger botulism outbreaks.
    Did your ex leave your house a filthy mess, the way zebra and quagga mussels soil beaches with algae.
    Did your ex lay around the house and stink up the place, the way alewives do when they wash up on beaches.
    Okay, enough. I could go on all day (and I’m happily married for 25 years).

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